Using Notion to design a new life

I have been using Excel to track my habits and tasks. I designed the framework and organize everything pretty smoothly. However, I ran into a video about using Notion and want to give it a try. Because it is more powerful than excel and has links to cross-reference databases in which you can store your learning notes. Previously, I have been keeping notes using Word. So Notion could be a one-stop for everything.

I have been thinking about redesigning my life for a while, of course, starting with getting up early. Getting up early gives me more opportunities and freedom to do more things. The only setback is I never had a habit of going to bed early. Let me work on that. I believe Notion could be a tool to help me track new habits and have a holistic view of my new lifestyle that includes many new things I have never done or didn’t find time to do. Yea, let’s do it. Oh, I also learned some French today.

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