About living in the moment

This week I had an epiphany moment. I realized how many times I have been living in the past, living in the future, but not living in the moment. Living in the moment means all in with the present, whether it is a good or a dark time. Fully engage with what life is showing you now and give your best try.

Do you have a time that you regret doing something and think what if I hadn’t done that? Do you have a hard time letting go of someone and moving on? Do you have someone in the past who still has power in your current life? For example, you become revengeful after someone did you wrong. If you are guilty of those mentioned, still suffer from the past events, and perhaps hope for a parallel universe to correct things, you are living in the past.

Do you get upset when the progress you made at work isn’t what you expect to be? Do you spend a lot of time thinking about why the guy I met hasn’t called me? Do you get angry and ask yourself “how could they do that to me”? If so, you are likely living in an imaginary ideal that you created based on your own perceptions. Your thoughts outpace where things are in the reality. You are living in the future. A future self excels at work, has a good relationship, and makes peace with others.

Either living in the past or in the future doesn’t allow you to live in the moment 100%, because you are likely experiencing anxiety, frustration, and stress. Though we are human beings, influenced by our emotions, nobody can fully live in the moment 100%, we need to strive to achieve that. This will help connect your mind and body to have a “whole” self. Imagine, instead of whining about the past or being eager about future success, pull yourself out a little and have an objective mind to examine where you are in all aspects of your life. Pay attention to details and allow life to reveal itself to you. Accept all the imperfections, own all the mistakes, and take all the actions still with an open mind, knowing life could affirm you and also surprise you. Life is a journey. Life is a process. What fun do we have if we achieve all the success we want in one day? Embrace the pain and suffer as well as joy and happiness. Live in the moment.

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