Courses Taught

EDW 571/EDCT 471: Advising Career and Technical Student Organizations (Spring)

Introduces career and technical teachers to all aspects of career and technical education youth organizations, thus providing them with a broad background for integrating these concepts and principles into their classroom instruction.

EDW 733/EDWF 430: Workforce Education Curriculum and Program Development (Fall)

Comprehensive program development and implementation and curricular integration of career education in the high school, postsecondary and adult education settings. Includes selection and evaluation of career and technical education materials.

EDW 735: Practicum in Workforce Education (Spring)

Contemporary public school workforce education settings. Includes structured field experience and campus-based instruction.

EDW 745: Theories of Adult Learning (Spring)

Overview of adult education to give an understanding of adults as learners as well as the history, philosophy, and nature of adult education. Includes exposure to fundamental adult education concepts such as lifelong learning, self-directed learning, and contract learning.

EDW 755: Professional Seminar in Workforce Education (Fall)

Various contemporary workforce education issues and topics analyzed from the perspective of the classroom teacher. Topics include diversity in the classroom, resource and funding issues, social, economic and demographic concepts, program management, and strategic planning.

EDW 763: Readings in Postsecondary Education, Workplace Learning and Performance, and Workforce Education (Summer)

Acquaints advanced students with major recent issues in postsecondary and workforce education. Review and critique of current research.

EDWF 498: Independent Study in Workforce Education

Undergraduate level. Students, along with instructor, design and develop a project examining in depth a current problem in workforce education and development. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits.

CIG 786: Individual Instruction in Education

Graduate-level independent study.